Lake Worth Beach

Below is an article I contributed to a series for the Palm Beach Post, you can also see it here.

Having grown up on the Great Lakes, I have always been a sucker for a great beach and clear water. In fact, Florida’s legendary coastline and eternal summer weather was definitely among the top factors for my recent relocation. Fortunately, I landed just a couple miles from Lake Worth Beach.

The beach draws a nice mix of locals and tourists and has a laid back, comfortable feel. On a recent weekend, the surf was pretty rough and choppy with bathers jumping good sized waves and surfers taking full advantage of the conditions. A perfect place to recharge after a long week, most are content to relax-here people watching and picnicking are raised to an art form!

If you are feeling a little sheepish about crossing paths with wayward sea life, you can opt for the Olympic sized pool.  Located next to the pool, the historic Casino building houses a couple of delightful souvenir and beach shops. Food choices include a pizza shop, ice cream parlor and the legendary John G’s restaurant. Expect to wait in a line that snakes around the building for beach side breakfast and lunch- it’s worth it and moves pretty fast. The casino complex was first built in the 1920’s and is currently in the process of a multi-phase rehabilitation project tentatively slated to start next summer.

The recently repaired pier, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the beach and ocean, seems to be a popular place for anglers to drop a line or for a leisurely stroll after a bite at Benny’s on the Beach. Right on the pier, Benny’s serves deliciously huge portions of breakfast and lunch daily until 5pm. If you prefer to have your sustenance in liquid form, Benny’s also has an open air bar.

I live for the hours I spend relaxing, reading and swimming at the beach-for me, there is no place I would rather be. Maybe one day I’ll even be brave enough to get on a surf board!


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