BP Work in Gulf Stopped – Big Surprise

Once again, details as to what exactly is going on in the Gulf of Mexico are few and far between. After all the talk about the new cap being installed, we are left wondering what the newest problem is. Yesterday morning, it was announced in a press conference that seismic tests of the ocean floor were being conducted to detect any possible anamolies. I’m guessing they found some.

So the public is that distracted that they do no think it is strange these tests havne’t been done, or they are not continually monitoring the seabed? Amazing.

“BP was vague about the reasons for pushing back tests of a new cap meant to trap oil in the well and why it stopped, for up to 48 hours, drilling on a relief well aimed at plugging the gusher for good from underground.

Kent Wells, a senior vice president at the oil giant, said at a morning news briefing that it was the government’s call late Tuesday to re-evaluate plans for testing the new cap over the leak. That plan was put on hold for 24 hours.

With oil still gushing freely into the Gulf, Wells said BP and federal officials will re-evaluate the best path forward after the 24 hours.

Just how damaged is the well casing and ocean floor?

Glad to see I’m no the only one confused, check out The Daily Hurricane’s Post about the Well Integrity Test.


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