Oil and Dead Fish in SE Florida?

For the last couple weeks there has bee a smattering of local reports of oil washing up in Jensen Beach, St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach, Ft Pierce and Delray Beach Florida. Video has also surfaced of a large patch of oil floating north off Hollywood Beach. The local media is skeptical that this is related to the Gusher in the Gulf, however, this is also the same media that is doing a horrible job reporting on the oil situation . Updates are usually buried in the telecasts or papers. One would think a disaster of such magnitude directly impacting the region would be front page, lead story news. It isn’t and it’s just another example of the media black out surrounding the Gulf.

This weekend, I was at the Lake Worth Beach- this is about 7 miles south of West Palm Beach. The water was absolutely beautiful, I didn’t detect anything different about the water or see any oil. But, I did see two dead fish and have a report of 2 different dead fish that washed up yesterday. This usually doesn’t happen at this location. I am fairly new to the area, but have been going to this beach for the last 7 months and have never seen a dead fish wash up until yesterday. I saw a Snapper and a Tang fish, I have a report of an Angelfish and a Parrot fish. The bodies looked to be in perfect condition, very bight color and no sign of injury. They looked as if they should be alive.

Mother Jones has been doing one of the better jobs reporting from the the Gulf region. That is why I was disappointed when I visited the site earlier today to find they have taken down their section devoted to it. Aside from the usual lacking coverage, there seems to be an exceptional lapse in coverage this morning. It is especially alarming considering they are apparently close to replacing the well cap. Additionally, NOAA has suspended their offshore trajectory modeling maps. Their reasoning is that the North end of the Loop Current is caught in an eddy and there is “no CLEAR path for the oil to enter the loop current.”

I don’t trust any of it.


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